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Abhishek Mishra

Born to a middle-class family, I have always embraced remarkable dreams to my journey of life. Educated at a convent school, in a small town like Shillong, which is beautifully earthed as the capital of the abode of clouds – Meghalaya, in the North-Eastern hemisphere of India, I mastered my way to becoming an economics graduate from Symbiosis College of Arts & Commerce, Pune. My nascent skills in writing was first recognized when I had a poem on Shillong – The Scotland of the east published in one of the daily newspapers (The Shillong Times); the interest only grew stronger hence and my will more concrete as I developed this unique interest in writing. I have written a few poems, though unpublished, yet once in appropriate numbers could translate into another novel project. The greatest inspiration towards fame has been my mother, who has dunked pretty much everything to ensure good education to my siblings and I. "The Last Cast" is my debut novel and is written in light of targeting youth that have an undefeated craving for mystery and thrillers. Writing my first novel has indeed been an arduous task, as often I would find myself stationary on my desk wondering what the next words might be. After an 18 month of constant effort, have I been able to foresee this dream of becoming an author come true. I am an avid writer and love to craft emotions and existent entities into words. In my opinion, words are the most powerful medium and undeniably the best form to communicate emotions, feelings, aspirations, desires and achievement. I hope, in context of my first novel, one should find interest and generate the liking to my writings.

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