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Abhishek Thapliyal

Hello myself Abhishek and i am just 19 years old. My school education has been completed and now i am graduated since my childhood i had a passion to write and finally i wrote my own novel "5 is not just a number. Apart from weighting. I like to read about religious. Inside all. There is hidden talents to write may be. I was born in a district of Uttarakhand. Beautiful palace name as Uttarkashi. Due to the lock of resources the people here have to with many problems. At all i am at this stage today. Only because of love of my family and god's blessings. I consider Mr. Ravindra sing as my role model in the novel field. i do not meet him but his life style has given me a lot of confidence.. And finally i want say a big thanks to my dear love.....

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1. Five is Not Just a Number (Fiction) View Store 1. Alfazon Ki Aziyat (Poetry) View Store

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