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Achal Mogla

Achal Mogla has done his Masters from Symbiosis School Pune and Sikkim Manipal University. He loves interacting with people and is an avid reader of books. He has published his first book “Salt and Pepper “a collection of short stories and his second book “Twisted Tales – An Anthology contains another story written by him amongst the 2nd collection of short stories. His hobbies include reading books, making friends, watching movies, listening to songs and exploring new places for eating out. He believes that apart from family friends are the biggest motivators in life. He believes that hard work never goes in vain and it surely gives the fruits of success in the long run. He has a huge collection of books approximately 300 books and his favourite authors include Preeti Shenoy, Ravindra Singh, Ashwini Sanghi, and Robin Sharma just to name a few. His native place is the state of Gujarat and he hails from the city of Gujarat. He loves eating out and exploring new places for eating out. A string of incidents in his life recently gave him the inspiration to start writing. India’s success lies in its youth as per him .There is so much positive to learn from today’s young generation and if this youth power is channelized in the right direction then India will be a force to reckon with in the very near future. He is a huge fan of watching movies and Mr Amitabh Bachhan, Mr Akshay Kumar, Mr Nasureedin Shah and Mr. Aaamir Khan are a few of his favourite actors. Nihita Sharma is pursuing graduation from Agra. She is native of a small town named Hathras. She is a girl from a small town yet believes in herself and give the best efforts in whatever work she does. Her hobbies are singing, writing, reading novels, dancing and cooking. It may sound unusual but she loves dreaming. It is one of her favourite hobbies, as she believes that one of the first steps of achieving your dreams is to think them in your mind. She believes that life is a journey meant to be enjoyed and it is the journey that matters and not the final destination.

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