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Akash Kumar Singh

Name - Akash alias Guddu Singh, Qualification - BCA, Father’s name - late Binod Singh Mother’s Name - Usha Devi, Age - 25 years, Village - Amauja, District - Madhubani, State - Bihar I am neither a poet nor I have any special knowledge of Hindi literature However I wrote this because, A very well known poet has said that It is not necessary for the expression of your emotions that there is a large stock of big words. However, I would apologize for any kind of error. From childhood I wanted to be an actor but the time was not in my favor. Currently I am in noida. And working in a digital marketing company as a back office executive. But somewhere I find myself incomplete. I do not know every moment where I am finding myself I may be in the office but my heart is somewhere else.When I come back home at night, it is only me, darkness and my loneliness. Where I make a composition of my feelings, Whereby the heart gets a little bit of pleasure. Making my own place in your heart and getting your love is my desire and aspire. Thank you so much Akash singh

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1. Khawabo Ki Pari - A Complete Journey with Love, Romance, Pain & Something (Poetry) View Store

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