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Akshat Gulati

Akshat was born on 13 October, 1989 in Tohana, Haryana. His father, Shri Tirath Dass Gulati is a ex-serviceman from Punjab national bank,tohana and mother is a home-maker. Akshat has 2 siblings, Gitu and Sweety, he being the youngest. He completed his school career from Tohana, Haryana and received his undergraduate and Post graduate degree in commerce and international business from Kurukshetra University, Haryana in 2009 and 2013 respectively. He is currently employed at a multinational company in Gurgaon as a Lead Financial analyst. Akshat's life is not just limited to himself or his family but has unconditional love, affection and care for mankind and that is what keeps him grounded and away from the worldly affairs. His thought process evolved since the time he felt a deep connection with spirituality, he strongly believes in the existence of one sole creator of the world who is in possession of all human souls. As far as his writing skills are concerned, Akshat has been trying to write from the time when he was in 5th standard but it started to transform into a book when he came to Delhi in 2011. His writing skills took a leap when he came across with an International Spiritual Organization named "Brahmakumaris", this was an advancement in his knowledge about the Lord and his connection with the mankind. Each poem of his depicts a pure relationship between a Soul and his father Supreme soul.

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