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Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar, popularly known as Bobby hails from Jalandhar, India. He is a very versatile person and is the author of this famous book - "ASAFALTA - EK CHUNOUTI". Very kind at heart and ready to help others had made him write this book. With the good cause to help others, he had written this book. Through this book people can be benefitted, who are unsuccessful in life and can achieve their success. He had worked in many places like Billions Yards Infratech, Mystic Spoon Oriental Cafe, Life Care Pharmaceuticals, Hotel Dolphin etc.etc… and gathered experiences in various sectors. Actually after working in so many places, he got the idea of writing this book, as in most of the places he found people sad and not satisfied with their life. In this book, he had written his own experiences as to how he himself was depressed and how he got out from it. So this type, you may not get in other books as here, the author himself had gone through hardship in life and is a real example of many of them. By reading this book you are given practical examples which occur in everyone's life. In this Book, both the authors had shared their vibrant personal experiences which can enlighten the reader and come out in their life with flying colors.

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1. Asafalta - Ek Chunauti - Volume - I (Hindi) (Non-Fiction) View Store

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