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Akshay Patil

Akshay R. Patil grew up with two siblings and both were elder sisters in Kolhapur District, Maharashtra. He lost his Father when he was only Five Years Old. Through blessings and support from his Family Members he had struggled the life since then. His mother is a government servant. Professionally he is a lecturer of Mathematics and Science and loves to share the any kind of knowledge within the group of Children and Students. He loves to read and write and is always seeking to get the more and more of this world. Akshay R. Patil is blessed for his community works and is always willing to give his every moment to the one who needs it. With the love and emotions for the poors he had done many social works and is even sponsoring a girl child from an orphanage since last 4 years. He is now into opening an NGO which will work for Education, Health and Poverty within the society.

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1. Shabdanchya Palikade (Poetry) View Store

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