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Aman Tandon

Aman was born and raised in Varanasi, India, where he attended Sunbeam School Lahartara. He is currently pursuing masters in Computers in the city of Noida, but in an interesting working career, he has worked as an Ethical Hacker with Noida Police, before going on to form his own startup company RefreshButton. He is also the founder of an NGO called OrgaNation. This is a charity which spreads awareness about organ donation, something which Aman is immensely passionate about, and it has been featured in major Newspapers such as Dainik Jagran, Hindustan and in Zee News. Having worked with several startups and creating many of his own, Aman decided to write his first bookand Website Launch for Startups was the result. Inside the book, he gives lots of detailed knowledge about starting a business and using a website as the tool to get going. Aman is a true nature lover and enjoys watching all sorts of animals as they interact with one another and within the ever expanding urban growth. Dogs, birds, and monkeys are among his favourites, but he is fascinated by all animals, even down to crawling ants. Because Aman believes that "Learning should be like watching your favourite movie" he started an unofficial club in college named the Forest Club. Over 336 students have been certified in different specifications, many of them speaking languages like Spanish and French, and the club has seen 5 startups evolve from it. In fact, Aman's own one, RefreshButton, also developed from his 4 years of experience in Forest Club. Aman is truly living his dream and enjoying life to the full. In his spare time, he enjoys playing chess and is a 4 time College Chess Champion. He also loves star gazing and writing songs. And for the future, he hopes that he can continue to change and improve the current state of Organ Donation in India. You can contact Aman at the following links; Website –; Facebook –; Email –

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