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Anahita Karthik

Anahita Karthik, a fun loving 15 year old teenager, when not studying and panicking over her maths paper, either reads, draws, writes or bakes. She likes things to be messy and disorganized, or her brain won't work (according to her).At the age of 1, she preferred drawing Apple, Ball, or Cat, rather than learning to write A, B, or C (though at that time it nearly gave her mother a heart attack because it seemed like she was writing Egyptian).When she FINALLY learnt the English Alphabet, she took a huge leap towards writing her first novel at the age of 7. But it wasn't only creativity that worked, because without her wonderful and supportive parents, two completely irritating yet adorable brothers, Manas and Padam, none of it would've have worked out. Seeing the interest gleam in their eyes as they hung onto each word of the chapter was what gave her the boost. And it is partly because of them that she hasn't gotten swollen headed, because they always manage to drag her back down to Earth. Anahita has always existed in two worlds-the normal one, and the magical one. It has always been her dream to explore the magical side to the world, and imagine herself as a fantasy character. According to her, reading, writing and drawing have always been the best way exists, connect and visualize that dimension.

Books Released

1. Forbidden Destiny (Fiction) View Store
2. Inevitable Destiny (Fiction) View Store

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