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Aparna Joshi

Dr. Aparna Joshi has been practicing Homoeopathy in Mumbai since 23 years. She began her practice in 1994 with a firm belief in Homoeopathy, a belief which was constantly being reinforced by the spectacular results observed by strict adherence to Homoeopathic principles, on a daily basis. Her repertoire of cases exhibits a wide spectrum, right from acute life-threatening emergencies to auto-immune disorders and chronic, degenerative and debilitating conditions like diabetes mellitus, hypertension, dementias, dyslipidemias, chronic renal failure, tumors, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, inclosing spondylitis and lymphomas. The scope of Homoeopathy is limitless whether in the realm of cure or palliation and the possibilities expand as one's vision enhances. However a need was felt to strengthen Homoeopathy not only in individual practice, but globally in terms of increasing awareness about it as well as infusing a rightful awe and dedication for it. This was the sole aim in starting with 'Sweet pills Homoeopathy Clinics'. Sweet pills are a team of Homoeopathic practitioners with a vision of providing the best services to the patients in terms of 'Care, Cure, Convenience and Comfort'. Another aspect is promoting the concept of a 'Family Doctor'. The idea is to take care of the patient not just physically but also mentally, emotionally and holistically. As a founder member, her endeavor is to constantly evaluate and refine the strategies which define the organization and realign them towards their objectives!

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