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Apoorva Jnaan

A lost 19 year old odd -failed-to-be-a-teen- teenager whose heart seeps through half-filled faulty ink pen and his too old rusty guitar. Born on 17th of Feb 1997 Apoorva Jnaan is currently pursuing his mechanical engineering, he stamps himself an introvert who likes corners and headphones with a few books and a guitar around him. As a basic attribute of being an introvert he's less expressive and conserved that's where writing and music comes in as his expressions, "She Will Be Loved" a poetry collection is his debut into strange yet interesting world of writers as he defines it. And he's also a guitarist and song writer aiming to steal some steps in the music world too. He lives in cultural and royal city of Mysore, India which he likes to call as "The City of Serenity" and says he is happy as far he is in sleep. "He's never home, ever alone. He always has a broken phone, and speaks too less with his virgin lips yet to be kissed. He counts pretty girls, And their sweet skin tones, He sits under a tree alone."

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