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Ashwani Kumar Singla

Born on 27th April 1955 Shri Ashwani Kumar Singla is a double Post Graduate in Science -M.Sc. (DFSM) and M.Sc. (MLT). He has penned Gazals –Poems and Short Stories. A collection of 101 poems under the title "PHIR" and a book of 13 short stories titled "Duhajoo" have already been published. He has written a novel "Prem Beej" which is set to 150 BC and is a story as to how a monk fell in love with a girl and eventually became an emperor. He writes in Hindi and Hindustani. When you read his Poems and Stories you feel as if you were a character and it touches your heart. The flow of language is very natural, and you will feel as if you were an eyewitness to all the happenings. Shri Ashwani Kumar Singla has retired as Assistant General Manager from State Bank of Patiala after a long and successful 38 years' career in Banking.

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