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Ashish Kumar

Ashish Kumar, currently residing in Delhi, is basically from Haridwar, Uttarakhand. He earned his B.Tech. (IT) from SRMSCET, Bareilly, UP in the year 2004. Ashish has also completed C-Dac from Delhi, back in February 2006. His large span of interests finds its home in the Hindu Philosophies and science, and a quest of success beyond the material realms. Prior to the current publishing of his new book, he has already three books published to his credit (all are of totally different realm) which are 'Love Incomplete' (in English) - A failed love story, 'Kya Hai Hindustan Mai' (in Hindi) - comprises of two parts. First part - Kya Hai Hindustan Mein talks about author's experiences that he has observed while on the road, during travel and in day to day activities of the life in India. Part two - 'Pehle aur Ab' talks about the differences that are significant in the life of 1980’s and now and third are 'Detail Geography of space' (in English). In 'Detail Geography of space' ashish has tried to present an unify theory of anything, from which we can solve all the unsolved problems of universe including physics, chemistry biology, quantum theory etc. means he has tried to show how universe works from macro to micro level and how from one theory we can prove other aspects of universe, because all the elements of universe works on very same pattern.

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