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Shashidhar Panchanana

Shashidhar Panchanana is a certified Trainer, worked in the Information Technology field in different Multinational Corporations like Microsoft, Intel etc. Over the last three years Shashidhar has impacted many students through his trainings and seminars across Karnataka. Shashidhar has done his MBA (Master of business administration) and MCA (Master of computer application). Shashidhar has designed training programs for students, Working professionals and business startup owners, which will work in real life. Shashidhar has conducted many seminars related to Interview skills, Business, Passion, leadership, education, technical concepts and communication skills through which he gained many followers. He developed a hobby to train students on different skills through seminars by interacting with NGO. When he moved to Bangalore during his initial days of career startup he noticed that it's hard to get a better Job. He and his friends struggled a lot to get a good Job. After lot of research in 7 years Shashidhar realized, there is a way to come out of this problem and found a solution and rite steps to follow to get a best job for each individual based on their skill set. The good news is the solutions are involved in this Book. You can contact author using the email mentioned here: -

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