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Ayush Maskara

Ayush Maskara is also known as "Micky" among Friends and also known as 'Tiger' among his colleague's and readers of his works in various magazines and journals published in the city. Ayush Maskara is a 19-year-old (Hons.) student from Kolkata pursuing his academic pursuit at T.H.K. Jain College, Cossipore. He loves travelling and to discover new routes for a particular destination, Ayush has been a Tiger Reporter of TTIS (The Telegraph in Schools), student correspondent in Times NIE (News in Education), Times of India and is a writer from Kolkata. He also holds Two Challengers Guinness World Record first being the high score of 34240 in the game "The Angry Birds, Level 1-1 of Poached Eggs, second being the high Score in "The Helicopter" game. He is a keen observer and loves to capture moment of life through his vision and he is much more dedicated towards his early goals of life.

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1. "Break Up - The Story Of One's Love" (Non-Fiction/ Motivation) View Store

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