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Bhargava B.V.

Bhargava is a man with great ambition in life. He is aged 20 but has experienced a lot in life. Financial crisis, health disaster, cause and fall of relationships, depression, pain in life[its cause and effect] is what he has gone through and now analyses these situations and helps people overcome it. With a thorough knowledge of one's inner self and human mind, Bhargava entered the world of fiction…imagination is something that he works on with creativity and passion. He is a student and an entrepreneur at the same time. He says that he had decided to rule the corporate world at the age of 9 after seeing his dad working for others and his boss earning profit out of his dad's hard work, but then as we say dreams are too big in childhood as kids don't know the reality of the world but he says that now, at the age of 18 after knowing the rules, functioning of the world and it’s reality he has decided not to rule the corporate world but the world itself. He says that dreams are infinite and infinitism is what makes those dreams so strong because we know that there is no end to it… this statement of his gave him a name which most people know "The Infinite Dreamer"…

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1. Experience - Goose Bumps in Your Vein (Fiction) View Store

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