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Bhut Nath Mahato

Dr Bhut Nath Mahato has specialized in Sociology and psychology from Bhopal University, Bhopal and Nagaland University respectively. He is a serving officer of the Indian Coast Guard with three decades of land and sea experience his mere enthusiasm of reaching out to the needy young generation to share his thoughts and experience is the compelling force in writing this book. With warmth and affection, towards our kids he remembers the parents or teachers who needs and wants help them to control their over possessiveness of Smartphone. The Book accounts vividly the amount of time children are spending on gadgets. His ambition in wring this book to inspire thoughts giving direction and meaning to life of young readers. This book quotes his life situations and challenges which are common to thousands of children across the globe. It beautifully narrates how a person may control and reduce his/her Smartphone addiction and surmounted challenges of life and continue to grow to achieve their dreams of life.

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1. Mesmerized and Adrift (Non-Fiction) View Store

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