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Chander Kant Sharma Ratanmukh

Dr. Chander Kant Sharma "Ratnmukh" Garga born in a very rural area of Dharmpur Vidhansabha Constituency of Mandi District Himachal Pradesh in 1978 in Bhateharia Kul Surayvanshi Brahmin family. He grew up in a farmer's joint but poor family. He completed his basic education upto 10th standard in government primary and highschool of the local panchayat. While studying in the school author helped his parents in farm works in morning and evening. He wake up early in the morning and revises his school home work. He has seen the typical village life while study in school. Author feels the struggling system and thinks to revolutionize the Indian democratic setup, education system, social setup etc. Author has seen the poverty very closely. Therefore, he helps the small needs of poor people. He believes in Universal brotherhood. Author studied in Vallabh Government College, Mandi. He postgraduated from Central University of Garhwal,Uttrakhand, University Campus. He did his M.Phill. and Ph.D. started from Himachal Pradesh University in the subject of Biotechnology under the guidance of Prof. Shamsher Singh Kanwar. He started working as research fellow in Himachal Pradesh University,Shimla. He has a facebook id Kissaan-Ey-Himachal and

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