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Chetan M Kumbhar

Hailing from the sunny paradise, Goa, Chetan M. Kumbhar, 29, is an operations guy by profession and a startup enthusiast by passion. He loves to hangout with his close Friends, colleagues and dreams to travel the mesmerising places on planet earth with his fiancée for she has stood stronger than a pillar in his life. His short-term goal is to keep doing what he's doing, that is asking the right questions as a seeker and giving the right answers to the seekers. His long-term vision is to take up educational cost for twenty underprivileged special kids and largely contribute to the forgotten farming community. Chetan is currently working at a fast growing startup, heading Operations at city level and dreams to be a part of startups always. Taking full responsibility of own actions and not pointing fingers at anyone is something that Chetan strongly believes in. Being a chess freak, Chetan says: "You build your own realm as you go along. It's the focus and one best move that matters." While celebrating being a debut author, Chetan says: "Writing my first was an amazing journey. Realized everything is within, nothing outside. And yes! everything is linked."

Books Released

1. Panasu - The Golden City & The Capasstars (Fiction) View Store

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