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Chhediram Vishwakarma

Birth: 12th October 1960 Birth Place: Marucha, Gonda, Uttar Pradesh . Father: Shree shiv Prasad Mother: Shreemati Shivrani devi Initial period of my life were very complicated and full of struggle. Being jobless for many years, I had to earn my bread by driving a rickshaw, but later I got a job. As i lacked in educational qualifications, despite working hard I could not attain higher posts; but had instances to be with the people of higher positions. By the grace of God I have been fortunate to get love and affection from the rich as well as the poor. I have been fond of writing since childhood. Whatever I experience from the joys and sorrows shared by my fellow 'social animals', I try to pen it down, and this work of mine is a humble effort to share my reflections.

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