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The Debut Author Chintan Patel has shared the wonderful Parivartannee Yaatraa, to help us grow out of feelings of fear, anger and depression and transform the way we view other people and life itself. Chintan Patel is an amazing and rising writer. In his debut book he explores new horizons, new perspectives and knowledge and has shared his wisdom of Parivartannee Yaatraa. He is done his graduation in Electronics & Telecommunication. He also did his management in finance. After complete his academic he has worked with various national and multinational corporate. He excels in his corporate field. But he was not really very happy with this corporate job. So he decides to follow his passion and start doing business. He is doing business with passion. He has lots of experience in business as proprietor to partnership to system or network. He believe that business which is scalable always good and he has done it with his recently started a new venture Igniting Brain which is mainly helps people who wants to transform his life. He is trans formal educationist, a very good counselor, enthropologer and has the profound knowledge of 8 multiple intelligences. He has helped so many children and adults to know about their geniuses. His mission is "EVERY HUMAN ON PLANET EARTH SHOULD KNOW THAT THEY ARE BORN GENIUS AND THEY ARE ALSO LIVE LIFE LIMITLESS" He spread his massage through his founding company for transformational education to everyone "Igniting Brain". If you join his mission please see below link and click, like, notify and share that links. Facebook page – Author-Facebook page - Author-Website – chintanpatel/ Other English Editions: Kindle (Soft copy) edition: Paperback (Hard Copy) edition:

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