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Chirag Thakkar

Thakkar Chirag was born on 9th October 1995 in Radhanpur (Gujarat). He is now completing his doctoral studies at Parul University. He always thinks all the time with heart. Always want to see the people around you happy. They give the name of God to love, Ishq, Mahoba. He believes that those who love may die, but love never dies. Through this booklet, they want to give the people at each of love. he loves acting a lot. Family, love, friendship and love for Lord Shri Sainath, all these things mean in the life of the lamp. In the last, Chirag Thakkar will say so much that he is a doctor from the degree but he always will remain an actor from the heart.

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1. Heaven in Your Eyes - Nigahen: Ek Swarg (Fiction) View Store

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