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Christine Dsylva

Christine D'Sylva says that writing is her real love for through her books, she wishes that more people would read and enjoy losing themselves in the magical world of books. A B. A in Psychology and Sociology, a Master's in Sociology, a Bachelor's degree in Education(B.Ed), she also enjoys playing the piano and canvas embroidery. This is her fourtheenth book, the other's being, A Leap to Christian Faith,Footprints in the sand, Bollywood Princess, To snare a killer, The Stalker,Vanished, Burn,Lonely hearts,Web of Deception,Maze of Betrayal,Deceitful Charm,Bollywood Twillight and Kidnapped.

Books Released

1. Burn - Love, Passion, Hate (Fiction) View Store
2. Lonely Hearts (Fiction) View Store
3. Web of Deception (Fiction) View Store
4. Maze of Betrayal (Fiction) View Store
5. Deceitful Charm (Fiction) View Store
6. Bollywood Twilight (Fiction) View Store
7. Kidnapped (Fiction) View Store
8. Haunting Obsession (Fiction) View Store
9. Queen of Swords - Passion, Murder (Fiction) View Store
10. Dance to the end of love (Fiction) View Store
11. Somewhere over the Rainbow - Crime, Love (Fiction) View Store
12. Angel of Death - Love,Murder (Fiction) View Store

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