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Dr. Daniel Wagner

Dr. Wagner grew up with five siblings in Switzerland on the shoreline of Lake Constance bordering Austria and Germany. Through GOD's leading, he acquired much wisdom through advanced degrees. A programme of study (MDiv) in theology led him to France, Israel, and the United States. He completed the programme of study (EMBA) in finance and strategic management from Switzerland. He refined his skills in a programme of study (Ed.D.) in educational administration from the United States. Dr. Wagner is blessed with four children and a charming wife. A desire to serve GOD helped him gain valuable expertise knowledge in many fields of service. His special gifts are spiritual discernment and desire to witness people to help them Jesus Christ personally. The international experience has made him aware of the strong spiritual deception the present church is exposed to. The writing of this book serves to awaken a sleeping church..

Books Released

1. The Spiritual Battle For Salvation (Volume 1) View Store
2. I Wonder Why... There Are So Many Religions (Volume 2) View Store
3. I Wonder Why … I Should Marry? (Volume 3) View Store
4. I Wonder Why...I Am Always Broke? ( Non-Fiction ) View Store

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