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Debashis Barah

After completing his postgraduate studies from IIT Kanpur, Debashis Barah started working in various multinational companies. Currently, he is working as an editorial manager in a multinational company that provides pre-press publishing services to several renowned global publishers. It is his passion for self-development which he discovered long back when he was a student that has led him to pen down his insights so that he can share it with others. He believes that sharing is the best way of caring. To him nothing is more satisfying than helping someone else live a better life. His mission in life is to help as many people as possible to live their best life and in the process creating a better world to live for future generations. He is also an entrepreneur by choice and helps people become entrepreneurs to attain true freedom in life. According to him, it is knowledge that makes one free – knowledge about the self, knowledge about what is important to be done, and most importantly the knowledge about why it is important. He strongly believes that in today’s volatile time one faces various challenging situations in the day-to-day life and in order to overcome that one has to think and act differently so as not to get attached to old and obsolete ideas. To him, the true meaning of life lies in the ability to keep learning so that one keeps growing.

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1. Wisdom Capsules - From the Diary of the Visionary of Truth (Non-Fiction) View Store

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