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Dev Sharma

Mr Dev Sharma Director of 'Dabboo Sir Educational Services LLP'. Born and brought up in Mumbai (India). Has a passion for public speaking and teaching. His first book "Happy Husband Happy Wife" has created awareness among Many Married couples and has brought a positive change in their life. Today he has many followers from different parts of the globe. His lectures on topic like "happy family" and "keeping you and your spouse happy" has created awareness in many families. Since he travelled with his father a lot, at early age only he got into exploring places and people. His motivational lectures are appreciated by many corporate firms and educational institutions. With their request to write a book on such an important topic he decided to complete this book. With more than 15 years of teaching experience, he says he has learnt more from students than he had taught to them. As per his father, travelling gives a person a great insight into different cultures. And on other hand it gives you an opportunity to explore the human nature, and come to know how humans dream and finally give up early due to lack of proper guidance and motivation. This book will help people to actually awake their inner power and go for their dreams. His advice to everyone is "Take Initiative and Accept Responsibility, and see how your dreams become reality"

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1. Motivation for All - Let's Go Ahead (Non-Fiction) View Store

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