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Diptendu Roy

The book talks about an inspirational journey of a small-town boy named Dibakar Sen in fulfilling his lifelong dream of becoming a great person. It is a simple, genuine and sweet love story which is very engaging and easily relatable. The book beautifully portrays the influence of love in the life of a human being. Love, the fuel that drives human souls, the pacifier of human woes, the virtue that represents human kindness and compassion, the proof of human infiniteness, the beacon of freedom, a light of hope in despair, the feeling which each of us experience but very few understands its essence. Through this novelette, the author expresses his views of love and gives the protagonist a substantial amount of splendor and liveliness. In a world, where almost every day, young boys and girls commit suicide giving the excuse of heartbreak and separation, to them the story serves as an ointment and shows them the right track. The book is the first venture of the author and highlights the chain of events that a girl brought about in Dibakar’s life at the inception of his magnanimous career.

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