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Gurveen Dang

Being author of 12 minutes to midnight, published at the age of 15, Gurveen believes in the power of connection between the pen and paper ruled by a writer's soul. She has composed short stories, novels and over 100 poems. Her recent novel, 'Monk For Ten Days', is her first try in the genre of spirituality. Her desire in life is to explore the dimensions of inner self and walk on the path which is guided by higher consciousness. According to her, love and involvement with art and people around is what makes one's life fulfilling. Her idea of art centres around the flow of inner-locked feelings in the expression of words, which connects one's heart to another heart, has a beautiful way of expressing when emotions seem to fill even the sky. She wishes to become a traveller, poet, writer and motivational speaker who can flower her way to her freedom..

Books Released

1. Monk For Ten Days - When My Flower Grew Out of Your Roots (Fiction) View Store

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