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George V Thomas

Dr. George V. Thomas Asst. Professor of Physical Education was graduated in 2003 from University of Calicut and received his Master's Degree and Master of Philosophy from Annamalai University in 2006 and 2008 respectively. He was awarded Ph. D. in Physical Education in 2015. For the past ten years he has been working as Asst. Professor of Physical Education in diverse range of Educational Institutions including Medical College, Engineering Colleges and B.Ed. Training Colleges of University of Kerala. In addition to being a lecturer, he is an ardent practitioner of Yoga and acquired Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga. He is the co-author of two books on Physical Education for the diploma/ degree level students. Dr. George V. Thomas has to his credit a number of national and international research papers and articles on issues concerning health, yoga, sports and games etc. He is currently working as Asst. Professor of Physical Education, Kerala University College of Teacher Education, Addor, Kerala.

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1. Concept of Health and Physical Fitness (Academic) View Store
2. Health and Physical Education for B.Ed. Degree Students (Academic) View Store

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