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Hardik Agrawal

Hardik Agrawal was a normal kid with regular dreams like a bachelor's in engineering and a steady IT job until he gave up on these false shackles to pursue his passion. Once he stepped out of his comfort-zone, he first left his job as an Application developer and straight away went on a 150Kms cycling trip in the western Ghats to understand what he wanted to do next. He then jumped into a startup and later on gave up on that as well as he still hadn't found his right fit. Next, Hardik decided to pursue his scariest dream: writing a novel. For next four months, he poured his soul out on the paper and compiled a draft that he had forever dreamt of doing. Sent his book to the publisher and walked on to find his next dream project. Being the bouncy ball that he is, he then went ahead and established his startup 'Hustle Turtle' to promote the idea of trekking among fellow wonderers to help them beat the identity crisis and find their true passion in the snowy white winds of the Himalayas. Since then, he hasn't looked back and has made himself into an Entrepreneur, Author, Traveller and Speaker. Today, he spends his winters searching for new trails, and dedicates his summers in teaching youth the importance of passion and self-identity.

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1. Common Life Uncommon Spirit (Non-Fiction) View Store

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