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Harish Motwani

A first generation entrepreneur, marketer, social joy creator, dreamer and a closet poet has finally managed to emerge from the many realms of a busy, modern, fast and an engulfing lifestyle. Designated as a Co-founder and CEO of a leading New Delhi, India headquartered, strategic marketing consulting firm, he has been a closet poet till now and his writing collection includes both writings in Hindi and English. He feels that emotions and communication should not be constrained and should trespass any barriers of languages or region. A graduate in sciences & post-graduate in management, he stays with his family in New Delhi. Silvatein is his first foray in the world of publishing. Besides his day job, he runs a successful social joy creation initiative called 'Khelona' which propagates toy charity and other playful methods to entertain and engage the low income household and socially challenged children.

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1. Silvatein - Hindi Poems with English Translations (Poetry) View Store

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