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Harsh Badheka 'Masroor'

The author of this poem collection, Harsh Badheka Masroor took birth in Mumbai on 29th May 1990. He received his initial education from the same place after which he graduated with his B.A. and M.A. degree in Hindi from K.C. College. While studying for his post-graduation, the poet which had been contained within him since childhood found an interest in literature. He took a decision to free his emotions and interests into thought form and this book is the result of the same interest and dedication in which he puts our his inner feelings and thoughts and dressed them as beautiful poems and has presented to you a bouquet filled with fragrance of literature. Upon reading these poems you will realize that the poet has a romantic and soulful connection towards the moon and all his adventures related to the moon are being depicted in these poems. Continuing his love and affections towards writing, Harsh is also connected with film direction and under a very less time he has assisted for 4 films, because of which his understanding of the world and his life has grown larger and deeper, of which effects can be seen blooming beautifully on his works of art.

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