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Hemant Bansal

A resident of Rourkela, Odisha is the founder of this entire venture i.e. Spectrum of Thoughts. He is a B. Com Student from Municipal College, Rourkela and aspires to be successful in the entire field he works in. He is pursuing Chartered Accountancy and has also been secretary of East India Chartered Accountant Students Association. He is also an M.B.A aspirant. He is an event organizer by profession and is also a senior consultant at HerbaLife. Doing social activities are ways for him to do any good possible. He tries his best to promote talents. Spectrum of Thoughts works for promoting writers around the globe while FanatiXx, his event organizer group, organize events and competitions to promote other talents. With the support of his parents, family, friends and his management skills, he was able to compile his debut anthology, Spectrum of Thoughts. Violaceous being the second in line. Contact him on: E-Mail –, Instagram – @hb_hallow

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