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Hemant Tigga

Hailing from a small town Gomoh (Dhanbad), Jharkhand (India), he was born as an elder son in a lower-middle-class tribal-Christian family. Ever since he remembers writing was his passion, the flames were ignited and well nourished by a school teacher (English) without whom this journey would have never started. He can't exactly define why he writes because he says words make his world, they are his instruments through which he seeks, he defines and he enjoys it. He wanted to be known by them, he wants people to read more and more, he wants to bring interesting stories and engage people more in this fascinating world of words. He enjoys delving and living with the characters of his story as if they are real beings. He sees his future as a freelance writer, exploring, and traveling the world, and he would love to bring positive change and help humans evolve through his words. He has done his MBA (Rural Management) from XISS (Xavier Institute of social service) Ranchi. Currently, he is doing a Masters in Sociology. He has vast experience of working as a rural development professional in NGO, C.S.R, State Govt. run projects and as a banker in a nationalized bank. He also runs his own blog since last 6 years named ‘Welcome to 3rdworld’, with the address:, he can be contacted anytime at his email id,

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1. The Hardest Thing Was To Continue Loving You (Fiction) View Store

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