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Himanshu Singh

Himanshu Singh was born in Allahabad, developed in Banaras and harnessed in New Delhi. He graduated in Electronics and Communication Engineering. In his college days he was 2 times National Level and 1 time State Level Robotics event winner. He passed out by being an Ex-Chair of IEEE Student Branch in College. He was Research Engineer by profession and quit the job keeping Learning as a priority than Earning. Right now he is working on various parameters. He is an avid Physics lover, a Traveller by exploring 18 States and 2 UTs from Himalayan laps to the deep valleys, streets, shrines, foods, people, social life etc. A warm cup of Chai and interaction with people from different regions of India helps him knowing in better way Indian Languages, Religion and various aspects while having great times with them. Curiosity has driven him ahead in life by learning, understanding Indian culture which is rich in diversity while searching true meanings hidden in Life. He used to scribble on paper by converting those strokes of pen into a solution of questions, sketches, cartoons and sometimes poetries. Keeping him simple he owes his successes to the motivation he gets from the streets, Bulls and Monks and the holy city of Banaras and her beauty which keeps his spark alive!

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1. Mehzabeen - Nazm Jo Kwabo Ne Bune Urdu Poetry (Poetry) View Store

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