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Jairaj Thakkar

Jairaj is a HR professional with more than 11 years of experience in industries like Media, Pharma and Manufacturing. He is someone who lives in stories and strongly believes in the art of story-telling. It's the oldest art form, but still most effective. He is a avid blogger and a passionate writer who used to write on the impulse and was always appreciated for his writing by his close ones. With time his close friends and family nudged him to write a full-fledged book, and hence he embarked on this journey to write some wonderful stories which instilled his belief that "you can find your happiness in every shade, sky is the limit, just know your colour". This stories are simple experiences which lead to some wonderful learning's helping him explore the path to happiness. He is born and bought up in the giant city of Mumbai with his beloved family consisting of caring parents, beloved wife, little sister and a beautiful daughter. He is expecting this book to help some souls to look at happiness in a different light, maybe just stumble upon happiness rather than search it. Welcome happiness !!!

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1. The Happy Secret - 21 Stories Tickling Your Mind (Non-Fiction) View Store

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