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Jakka Pradeep

As a Psychiatric Patient, Jakka Pradeep is now pursuing Doctorate degree in the subject of psychology from Sri Venkateshwara University and he is qualified for the post of Assistant Professor in National Eligibility Test (NET) in the subject of Psychology. He emphasize that Depression is not final, Delusion is not fatal and OCD is not an obstacle. Psychiatric disorders do not define you. You are stronger than what life throws at you. You are unstoppable and you can excel in your career like me. He is author of two books published by victory publishers in Telugu language. The titles of the books are "Jeevana Parishkaralu" and "Ee kshanam Dhyanam" achieved a good success in Andhra Pradesh, in India. He believes that life is a learning process and your problem becomes a blessing if you have courage to endure it. He did it and you can also.

Books Released

1. Are You a Zero? - Choice is Yours… (Non-Fiction) View Store
2. Fearless Indian (Non-Fiction) View Store
3. De - Stress Management (Non-Fiction) View Store

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