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Jeevitha Kannan

Jeevitha Kannan, is the author of 'OXYGEN - An unrequited Cry', which is her first literary work to be published and its quality only assures that a 21years old young promising poet has declared the commencement of her journey as a writer, who is here to stay and reign in for a long illustrious career. Like most writers, she is a lover of nature, fascinated by magnificence of mountains and celestial beauty of the sky. She is a dreamer, and coffee aides her dreams to be more vivid. She is a voracious reader of literature who enjoys devouring the variety of classical, neo-classical and modern literature in English, which naturally ferried her way into the horizons of writing. She is an ambitious writer, who dares to fathom the unfathomable, and to scale the insurmountable; to capture the facets of human emotions unperturbed by its crests and troughs; to have the propensity to dispense with the mortality and immortality of human story. The substance of her writing which is marked by core intensity, blends brilliantly with the style of her writing which is defined by finesse and elegance. Jeevitha Kannan. Remember the name!

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