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Kashinath Jha

I am Kashinath Jha and have been living in Mumbai since ‘96. I love writing and minutely observing the fluctuation in behaviour of people. I have incorporated my observations and sorry state of marital relationships in my book where there is a lack of love, respect, faith, coordination and harmony between the spouses. I am grateful to my family, friends, relatives, subordinates, colleagues, strangers who have given me inspiration, immense strength and encouragement to complete the humungous task of attempting to write on such a sensitive topic in the interest of long lasting marriages. The compliments, bouquets and brickbats of my readers and critics are welcome. My earlier published book"THE MANAGEMENT AND THEIR EXPECTATIONS". It has been published in the year 2011 from Himalaya Publishing House, Mumbai. This book tells you how to be successful in your office and answers the general questions which usually come in your mind at your workplace. My next book is a sequel of this book, titled "HUSBAND MANAGEMENT- HOW TO HANDLE YOUR HUSBAND" in which I would give my perspective and insight to the ladies on how to handle their husbands. I would humbly request to the female readers to give their suggestions, feedbacks, views and ideas to make my forthcoming book more interesting, successful and prove helpful for the esteemed readers.

Books Released

1. Wife Management - How To Handle Your Wife (Non-Fiction) View Store
2. Aparajita - Ek Prem Kahani (Fiction) View Store

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