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K D Gaikwad

The author is a reputed practising consultant Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgeon, an enthusiast in Dhamma Activities. Buddhist thought and literature is his fascination and of special interest. He is avid reader of Buddhist literature. He has already published a book "Reflections on Buddha's Dhamma Doctrines" in March 2006. Buddhas world acclaimed, unassailable Pradnya was haunting him ever since. He wondered, whether Pradnya (prajna) be made the theme of his venture? He was working on the theme for over about more than ten years. Finally he has been able to translate his cherished dream into reality; by completing the present book "Pradnya evolves and evolves the Buddha’s way". Prajna (wisdom), however was not only an intellectual state and spiritual goal to which to aspire. Rather, wisdom also becomes a quality to be visually represented and ritually responded to, and even an active presence to be venerated in much the same manner as the Buddha himself. History of human evolution, reverentially acknowledges that the pradnya has ever been escalated from a humble beginning to the permanent Devine Pitch, never to be dislodged there from. Here, the author has pondered over. Is it ever possible to develop such a pradnya? How should one go about in the pursuit of the same? By recalling Lord Buddha's admonition he ends with a promissory note that pradnya can be mastered and perfected in all its detail. By his enterprising account in all its detail he has certainly laid open all that takes to succeed. If one has a strong resolve, earnest zeal and self-belief, by putting in unrelentless efforts he is sure to acquit himself with credit.

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