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Kuldeep Ganju

He is born and brought up in Bhopal. Since his school days he had an inclination towards writing and speaking skills that he groomed under the guidance of his mother and teachers. Eisha Ganju was born on 26th May 1985 in the city of Raipur, MP (now Chhattisgarh). She was born and brought up in Sagar city, MP. Her creative skills make her an impactful performer with charismatic presence on stage. Together they have authored a book titled 'Catchment of Life' sharing tips on public speaking, interview skills, personality development & introspection... Their novel and short story collection 'The Ultimate Anguish with A Panorama of 8 short stories' is also already launched. Being in the academic profession for long, the authors found the need to inculcate the features of writing and speaking skills amongst the students. With this intention they started to propagate the message of the importance of such skills. In the attempt they decided to set the example hence they got into writing the stories and non-technical (fiction) scripts to allow the students learn from their attempts. Thus this novel is a special gift to the students who want to leave a mark in the professional world. Dr. Kuldeep Ganju (M.Pharm., Ph.D.) Eisha Ganju (M.Pharm) Dr. Kuldeep Ganju was born on 13th July 1977 in Bhopal, MP.

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1. Mermaid – The Human Saviour (Fiction) View Store

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