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Mohammed Anees

MOHAMMED Anees has completed his electrical engineering from BHOPAL. He is a writer, teacher and motivational speaker. He is into teaching and associated with Horizon communicative English tutorials and Army public school BHOPAL. He is an avid reader and has read greatest classics of all time especially Russian, French and Persian classics. He has special interest in historical fiction and philosophical writings. Mohammed Anees has written several articles on economic issues especially demonetization and goods and services tax. As into reading and writing, he authored his first book 'Questions to Question yourself' at the age of 25. Inspired by philosophical writings he wrote the book in a unique way. The book is a collection of philosophical questions which help as well as compels a person to think and develop his own ideology.

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1. "Questions to Question Yourself - A Philosophical Questionnaire" (Non-Fiction) View Store

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