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Monika Markandey

Monika Markandey, is born on 4 March 1997. She belongs to Bhilai city, Chhattisgarh. She did her schooling in the same city and now pursuing bachelor's degree in electronics and telecommunication engineering from Bhilai institute of Technology. She has a keen interest in writing. She has been writing for past 6–7 years but publishing a book for the very first time. Writing is something that provides her solace. She is also a music lover, she can spend hours listening to music. Moreover, she spend her time reading novels. She never says no to help someone. She can become introvert at times. Apart from all these, she is completely soaked up into her own world of thoughts. As she is a dreamer, she meet her love in dreams. And she actually believes that 'MERELY BEING IN LOVE MAKES YOU A WRITER'.

Books Released

1. Ruhani Ehsaas Rumani Alfaaz (Poetry) View Store

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