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Mukesh Choudhary

The author Mukesh Choudhary is presently the founder of 'askbaddi' and co-founder of 'i-assets consultancy' and a successful mindset counsellor for success chasers. Mukesh, the author of 'you can be an employee, or you can be, the managing director' book, believes every idea is in a dead form until one takes actions to make it alive. He made it his life's vision to become an entrepreneur and apprise people about entrepreneurial habits. He opted to teach people about their mind power and decided to create a research-based book. He dreamed to change millions of lives by giving the world 'the straightforward entrepreneurial guidebook on mud’s mind set'.

Books Released

1. You can be an Employee or you can be the Managing Director-Self Experienced and Research Based Straightforward Guidebook (Non-Fiction) View Store

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