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Mukesh Kumar Soni

Mukesh Kumar Soni is one of the modern authors who believe that love is one of the basic platforms for any author. He is very emotional from childhood. He loves all the living and non-loving things of the planet which is reflected in his poetry. He completed his primary education at Kundaha, a small village of Uttar Pradesh. Then he came to KOLKATA, the city of joy. He completed his graduation and Masters in Kolkata. He started writing from 2004. His poetries were published in different newspapers and magazines during this period. He also published a magazine named 'ATUTAASTHA'. He is honored as 'SAMPADAK RATNA' by Jaimini Academy for the valuable service as an editor. He completed his YOG SHIKSHA from RAMKRISHNA MISSION VIVEKANANDA UNIVERSITY. Now he is teaching AATM YOG which is combination of HATH YOG and RAJ YOG which is the permanent goal of a human life.

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