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Narayanan Palani

Narayanan Palani is endorsed as an exceptional talent of United Kingdom within the digital technology sector by Tech City UK. Being a leader of proven and well-known software testing industry, Narayanan Palani volunteered to share technical knowledge through his best-selling book series ‘Software Automation Testing Secrets Revealed’ that ranks top amongst the books on computer science across APAC, United States, United Kingdom and Japan markets. His well-designed GITHUB open-source testing projects are accessed worldwide profusely and have been assisting job seekers to get involved into junior testing jobs. As a leading test specialist and also the holder of six awards, fifteen international certifications, eight published research papers and four books selling across the world, he continued to innovate and implement cutting-edge technologies as part of his recent roles. His IBM professional certificate profile is viewed worldwide and newcomers are being inspired to take interest in software testing profession. He is also nominated for the ‘Testing Leader’ of the year 2016.

Books Released

1. Software Automation Testing Secrets Revealed - Revised Edition - Part 1 (Non-Fiction) View Store
2. Selenium Webdriver - Software Automation Testing Secrets Revealed Part 2 (Non-Fiction) View Store

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