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Neelam Hemant Virani

I, Dr. (Mrs.) Neelam Hemant Virani completed my studies from Nagpur University. I am gold medalist in Hindi subject in Graduation & Post-Graduation. I have cleared Net Exam also. 'Guru Gobind Singh-Sahityik Rachnayen aur samajik Utthaan' is my first book. Guru Gobind Singh is a great Guru, a divine messenger, a warrior, a philosopher and a social reformer. I have written this book because many new things are in the Guru Gobind Singh's literatures which are unknown to the society. Now a day also this literature is necessary for the Upliftment of the society. If we consider the work which Guru Gobind Singh accomplished both in reforming his religion and instituting new code of law for his followers and the society. There has been no individual who lived a life more inspirational than Guru Gobind Singh.

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1. Guru Gobind Singh - Sahityik Rachnayen Aur Samajik Utthanah (Non-Fiction) View Store

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