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Nikhil Shrivastava

Hi, I am Nikhil. I'm a writer living in New Delhi, India. I am a fan of photography, writing, and technology. The only thing I was sure in life is to play the role of an explorer, the role of a frantic evangelist, the one who doesn't only use his eyes for seeing things but the one who possesses a totally different loving yet an indifferent vision for this whole world. Yes, I belong to that crowd which is different, who carry the zeal to explore and dreams to realize, the crowd whose life is judged by the consuming passion for things, for travelling, for singing, for dancing and relishing the best food of all times. I am a left-handed writer who loves to explore things, and who enjoys every single gift of life. I endlessly explore things which inspire me, question me, interest me and, most imperatively, make me fall in love with them. All the chapters of this book have been crafted as per my experiences, visions, and observations of the outer circumstances. Everyone has their own vision of understanding things in life; I am sharing mine to give it meaning. I hope you take the best from this book.

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