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Nilanko Mallik

Dr. Nilanko Mallik is an alumnus of erstwhile Presidency College, (now Presidency University) Kolkata. He holds a research degree in Neurolinguistics and his other fields of interest include Prosody, Shakespeare in Performance and Children's Literature. He has authored Compact English Prosody and Figures of Speech (Macmillan India Ltd., 2009), Macbeth: Critically Annotated Shakespeare (Educreation, 2016), Critical Studies from Elizabethan to Romantic Poetry (Woven Words, 2017), Historical and Social Evolution of the English Language (Educreation, 2017), to name a few. He heads a drama and cultural group, Shakespeare Youth Performances. His research can be readd by visiting

Books Released

1. Macbeth - Critically Annotated Shakespeare (Academic) View Store
2. Through the Literary Glass - A Collection of Articles on Select Prose and Plays (Academic) View Store
3. Historical and Social Evolution of the English Language (Academic) View Store
4. Poetic Plethora (Academic) View Store

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