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Ninad Gahane

I believe in living life larger, and making it as beautiful as it can be, I am a boy from middle class family who has always dreamed of writing his felling hi views to the wellbeing of the society, I never choose writing, to earn money, writing gives a me a feeling of satisfaction its makes me smile, and that's life is all about walking through path with a smile on. I am just 17, and I want live my dreams before the age, I don't believe in waiting for a certain age to start working on your dream, if you have a talent, don't wait for the time, just rush in through! And live your dreams, after all Great Endings always carry a early start. I am a typical middle class boys, always believed in adjustments, a pure Maharashtra in, and I write because I find it easy, to express myself to the world through my writings. I am not a so active reader but I am active writer, at a small age my aim is to live big, and I want feel every dream of mine!

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1. That Years, That Moments - Memories and Experiences That are Still Valuable (Fiction) View Store

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